**This is an email I received from a recent client, following their engagement session. A similar email followed after their wedding, but this email seemed to sum up their experience perfectly!**

Hi Kelly!

I wanted the time to be able to sit down and write to tell you that you are very much appreciated as a friend and as a photographer. Our day together was fun and I had no doubt in my mind that we would love these photos. But, I’m going to say it anyway…

THEY ARE STUNNING. And we are in love with them. They make us smile and help to remind us of how we were, how we felt, our surroundings and the general mood of the day so perfectly.

Heli-session Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains
I cannot believe how many you gave us…we quickly began showing them to everyone who was in high anticipation and who we thought would love to see them. They were a big hit and highlight of our weekend =)

Just so you can know how awesome you are, I would like to share with you some of the responses we got:

“Holy shit Jacinta, these are SERIOUSLY too good!!”
“Wow! These are so amazing! The dark skies!!”
“These are so incredibly fantastic.”
“Omg dude, these are UNREAL. You too look absolutely incredible!! How the hell are you gonna choose from all of these?”
“Fucking awesome. I can’t believe thats my beautiful girl.”
“These look like something out of a magazine!!”
“The colour!!!!”
“Oh my god. OOOhhh my goooood. OH MY GOD! They just keep getting more and more amazing.”
“Gorgeous photos!!! Just wonderful.”
“Omg – so so beautiful. He’s so good”
“Omg! These are UNREAL.”
“Omg these are fucking amazing!!!!”

And so many more amazing responses from the people we were actually with when we showed them. All of these comments sum up exactly how we feel about our photos. We couldn’t be happier.

~Jacinta and Kyle



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