Deidre and Jeremy decided on Sorano, Italy as the site for their whimsical destination. And really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. It started off as a dream. A whisper. A whimsy. But once it started, it couldn’t be stopped. What was it? It was the feeling of connection. Of knowing you found what you were looking for. And in this case, that thing, was actually two things.

Deidre and Jeremy found each other, and it was clear from the get go that the connection was special. But there was another connection too – Deidre’s connection with Sorano, Italy. She had spent time in this beautiful Italian town, away from the busy hubbub of tourists, submersed in the local culture. And she fell in love. Naturally, these two loves were destined to meet.

Truthfully, I don’t think you could ask for anything more from a destination wedding. Yes, it’s nice to see all the touristy sites, but really getting to experience the culture of a place means going off the beaten path, staying in one place for a while, and getting to experience the way of life as the locals do.



Sorano is a small town, a few hours north of Rome. It is surrounded by lush vegetation, jagged hills, and the most amazing sunsets you can hope to find that bath the land in gold. This is a town full of Italians, many of whom speak only broken english at best, and is one of the places where Italians go for their holidays. The food is phenomenal, lifestyle is relaxed. Oh, and it also has the remains of a castle (fortezza)…which just happens to be the setting for the wedding.

The ceremony was held in the old moat of the fortezza. And if that sounds underwhelming…well, perhaps you just need to see it. And arch in the remains of a stone wall provides the backdrop for the ceremony, overlooking a gorgeous green valley. With the background of live music, it was a fairytale setting for a fairytale wedding.

The reception took place in the green space just beyond the fortezza, but inside the walls. And as the sun painted the sky, the most heartfelt speeches were being shared with the people most dear to Deidre and Jeremy in all the world.

After dancing the night away, we completed our time together with a Day After session the following evening. This gave us a chance to leisurely explore the town, taking advantage of the amazing scenery, lighting, and really soak in all that Sorano had to offer.

And it was beautiful.




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