Why you should consider an Engagement Session


There are a lot of reasons why you may want to consider doing an engagement session. And below is a list of some of the main ones you should consider. For years, I’ve encouraged every client to book one. Has that changed? Not at all, though frequently it’s now a choice between choosing between an Engagement Session, or an After Session. Both are great options, and if you are curious what an After Session is, you can read this article I wrote. For now, read on to see why Engagement Sessions are so wonderful.
why you should consider an engagement session for your wedding


Practice before the wedding day
How often have you been a model? Or been the subject in front of a camera (that isn’t also a phone)? There are exceptions of course, but the majority of couples I work with have never spent much time modelling, so it can be a bit intimidating being in front of the camera. And that’s completely normal! Choosing an engagement session gives you some practice in front of the lens, so when your wedding day comes along, you will have a better idea of what to expect. By all means, practice posing in front of a mirror too if you like! But nothing beats the real thing, and these sessions are great at helping you get the jitters out.
Developing Trust
Working with your photographer before the wedding and having a chance to see the results is a HUGE part of developing trust for your wedding day. You will know what your photographer is like, and they in turn will get a chance to learn about you two and what works best for the photos. Being able to see the photos afterwards will also help ease the worry of what your wedding photos will look like…meaning more peace of mind and fewer sleepless nights.
why you should consider an engagement session for your wedding
Better Wedding Photos
Okay, huh? Yes, an engagement session can actually lead to better wedding photos! The practicing and the trust will have a cumulative effect. Normally on a photo session, there is a short period of getting to know one another and getting comfortable with things before the really good photos start to happen. The engagement session helps reduce or eliminate this altogether on the wedding day – we’ve already been through it! That means when the wedding day arrives, we can jump right into the good photos without wasting any time at all.
Great Photos of your Normal Selves
Look, getting married is amazing, and you will look fabulous on your wedding day of course! Sometimes, though, it’s just nice to have some photos of the two of you wearing normal clothes. More like everyday photos. Only, these everyday photos just happen to be with a professional photographer. But the good photographers will take photos of you where it doesn’t look like you are trying to hard or doing selfies. They’ll just give you some great photos of you being yourselves.
why you should consider an engagement session for your wedding
Makeup/Hair Trial
This is the perfect excuse to take full advantage of your hair and makeup trial! You will most likely want to give your stylist a practice run to make sure they know what you are looking for, and to give them a chance to make any tweaks before the big day. And since you are looking all fancy, might as well plan some events around it!
An excuse to go somewhere fun!
The location can make a HUGE impact on the photos you take, so this is a chance to think a little bit bigger and plan beyond just going to the local park for photos. Mountains? Badlands? The Lake? There are no limits to your creativity when shooting engagement sessions. In fact, this might just be the perfect excuse to go visit that location you’ve always loved. Make it an adventure!
why you should consider an engagement session for your wedding
Use the image for the wedding, prints, signing book
If you time things right, you’ll have your engagement photos and can make use of them for your wedding. Using them for your invitations, a signing book, to display as prints for the wedding or to use in a slideshow – engagement photos give you some great material to help spruce up your wedding decor.
There are loads of great reasons why you should consider an engagement session. But the BEST reason of all might just be that they are a LOT OF FUN! I sometimes describe the session as a great experience, with the photos you get being a great side effect.
why you should consider an engagement session for your wedding



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