The number one piece of feedback I hear from brides and grooms on their wedding day is how fast the day went by.

“The day went by sooooooo fast”
“It goes by so fast and it’s exhausting!”
“OMG, I blinked and it was over!”
“It really does fly by!”

And that’s such a shame, since this is one day you want to last forever. I mean, all the planning, the preparation, the money – with everything that goes into the wedding day, finding a way to slow it down and enjoy the time should be a top priority for anyone planning a wedding, right?
What if I told you there is a way to gain hours of time on the wedding day, and make it more enjoyable for you and your guests? AND, what if at the same time, I told you that your wedding photos would also be BETTER?
It’s true – there is a way to achieve this. And it’s called an After Session.
Wedding Photography After Session Post Wedding


An After session is a photo session with you and your partner, taken post-wedding. Unlike an engagement session, you dress up in your wedding attire once again, and you head out for a photo session sometime after the wedding. It can be the next day, the next week, the next month, that part is completely negotiable and depends on schedules. The point is, you plan to dress up again and spend your photo time on a day that ISN’T your wedding day, or choosing to supplement your wedding photos with another session. Some people call in a Post Wedding Session, a Day After Session, or even an Adventure Session – different names for the same thing.


Your wedding day will be infinitely more relaxed and more fun if you aren’t rushing from place to place, trying squeeze every ounce of fun from it. Building in time to relax and enjoy the day with your friends and family is key. The problem? A big chunk of your wedding day is often devoted to taking wedding photos. And these photos are often taken during the times of the day when the lighting is at its worst – mid-day, with the sun directly above creating nasty shadows. I’ve outlined the main reason for choosing an After Session below.
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Better Guest Experience
Instead of making your guests wait around for 2-3 hours in the middle of the wedding day, you can choose to spend time with them. Have an afternoon lawn party, or be present for the cocktail hour. You don’t need to feel guilty about inviting all your favourite people in the world to a party, and then abandon them for hours while you take photos.
Fewer Time Constraints
Wedding days are rushed, and there is simply no way around it. Too many people to see, too many activities and customs and ceremonies to include, and not enough time and energy to do everything! What if you could add a few hours back into your wedding day? Reducing the photo session on your wedding day and planning an After session can do that!
Wear Your Wedding Dress Again
Your wedding dress may be the most expensive item of clothing you will EVER buy – wouldn’t it be great to have a reason to put it to use one more time?
Choose an After Session Wedding Photographer Post Wedding
Reschedule Around Bad Weather
If the weather isn’t cooperating on your wedding day, well, there really isn’t much you can do about it but grab an umbrella and make the best of it! But for an After session, you can schedule around bad weather.
Golden Hour Light is the Best
For many typical weddings, photo are taken during the day between the ceremony and reception, or maybe before the ceremony. However, rarely do we get to shoot at sunset on the wedding day when the light is at its best. Which can mean harsh shadows and really bright light mid-day. With an After session, we can choose the best times of the day to shoot, and capture the very best lighting we can! The golden hour before sunset is particularly beautiful.
Choose an After Session Wedding Photographer Post Wedding
Location Choices are Unlimited
Always wanted to have wedding photos in the mountains? Or in the badlands? Or in a different country even? Planning an After Session gives you the flexibility to take photos in any location you like, meaning you aren’t limited to only taking photos near your wedding venues.
More Relaxed = Better Photos
Without the pressures of deadlines, you will be so much more relaxed during the photo session, and that will be reflected in the photos. Fewer things on your mind, and being able to really sit back and enjoy the moment makes for great photos! You can make this session and this time together about the two of you without the guilt of thinking about what everyone else is doing on your wedding day.
Dress Dirty? No Problem!
On your wedding day, keeping your dress clean is a huge priority! It is much less of a concern for your After session, meaning we can go to those dusty, dirty areas that you weren’t willing to go to on the wedding day.
Alternate Hair/Makeup Styles
You can choose to replicate your wedding day hair and makeup styles, or you can use this opportunity to mix it up! Hair down perhaps? Smoky eyes? Here’s your chance to switch things up.
Fun Fun Fun!
Plus, the feedback I’ve received from couples who have chosen to do an After Session is that it’s FUN! Who doesn’t like fun?
Choose an After Session Wedding Photographer Post Wedding


Every wedding will be different, and your thoughts and ideas for your day are really what matter most. But from all the weddings I’ve photographed, and all the brides and grooms I’ve spoken with after their weddings, the overwhelming majority agree that having an After Session was one of the best decisions they made regarding their wedding photography.
One bride explained it like this, and I think it’s perfect:
“My advice? Try not to schedule too many things in the day. I’d been a part of other weddings before mine, and they always felt rushed and chaotic, like they were trying to do too many things at once. For our wedding, we choose to minimize our photos during the wedding day, and instead did an after session a few days later. It was the best decision we made, and the photos are amazing!”



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